Garden Waste Bags / Green Waste Sacks

Tough, long lasting woven polypropylene sacks designed to last for years rather than months. Using Garden waste sacks instead of bins means fast identification of potentially contaminated contents to ensure only compostable material is uplifted.

Woven sacks allow green waste to breathe & are easy to store in winter.

Made from heavy duty, UV protected fabric our sacks have a neat tidy appearance and securely sewn handles. We can print up to sides with loads of detail to guide users on what to put in the bag (Or what not to !)

We can also incorporate lids, document pockets, extra lifting / tipping handles & anchor pads to prevent the empty bags blowing about in the wind.

Top quality UK manufactured in just a few weeks or bulk quantities sourced abroad at the lowest prices.

Unprinted 90 litre & 120 litre sizes in stock for immediate delivery - call us or buy online at

Garden Waste Bags, Green Waste Sacks

Garden Waste Bags, Green Waste Sacks


Sackmaker have been making sack for collecting green waste for 20 years and some of our originals are till out there. Our Green woven sacks allow garden waste to breathe and are made from UV protected fabrics and are used to collect garden waste by councils all over the UK. Dicksons sacks are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan and all our garden bags come with two lifting handles & a tip handle across the base. Local authorities supply green sacks to households all over the country as part of their Garden waste recycling schemes. When not in use the Green waste sacks can be easily stored folded and being made of green woven plastic are completely rot proof whilst remaining fully recyclable sacks at the end of their considerable lifespan.

If you require more information about our Kerbside Collection Sacks then you can either call us on our Hotline telephone number 0800 032 6447 or complete our Enquiry form and we will respond to your request.

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